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Baby Ceylon

About Baby Ceylon

Baby Ceylon began in 2000. After 20 years as a designer for catwalk led High Street stores I wanted to make clothes that I would like to wear.

I was travelling in Bali when I heard that I had got the premises in the Portobello Green Arcade. The name Baby Ceylon comes from a Balinese brothel that I was nearby when I got the call. It made me smile as I think they meant Baby Salon! For some reason the name just stuck, although if I had known that 11 years later I would still be explaining we do not make baby clothes and we do not come from Ceylon, perhaps I would have reconsidered! I was so excited, I made all the garments by hand for the opening, it took months and then I completely sold out the first weekend I opened so I had nothing left for the second weekend!

For the first few years I sat at the back of the little shop making all the clothes by myself by hand. Richelle joined me in early 2004 and in 2005 we opened our Crouch End Shop and I moved from my attic to our studio in Wood Green. We have some lovely people helping us and we even have our own little factory just round the corner from our studio but I still select and sew the Treasure Chest collection by hand myself and dye lots of things at home.

We have grown up over the last few years, with a new shop and a studio. Our collections are small with limited edition pieces. The beauty of being a small business and making everything just down the road (We make everything in London) is I can keep adding throughout the season as I have new ideas. So do keep checking the website!

We know how frustrating it can be when shopping by post and everyone's sizing is different, so we've done our best to make it as simple as possible for you.

The good news is that (unless stated otherwise) all our collection is made of viscose crepe, which means the sizing is flexible. Our crepe fabric gives and grows as it is ironed, so, if your garment feels a little small you can simply iron it where needed. Likewise if you would like a snugger fit, just pop it in the machine, the crepe gathers a little when washed, so you can dry it on a hanger and skip the ironing.

Our Size 1 is equivalent to a UK 10/12, Size 2 a 12/14 and Size 3 a 14/16. Our sizing in cotton and linen garments are a standard UK 10,12 and 14.